1st December – 4th December – La Serena

It’s a sea-side resort. We read books and drank wine on our balcony while looking at the pacific ocean. That’s about it.






Oh yes, we occasionally made it out of our apartment to have a meal next to the beach.



There is a town in La Serena as well as the beach resort, although we only really saw it on our last day, when we finally made it to a post office and posted some postcards (sorry!). The nearest town Coquimbo is a busy port – we saw a huge cruise ship departing, and a number of cargo vessels. All along the coastline between the two towns is ‘resort’ with new blocks of holiday apartments going up everywhere.

A couple of mornings we saw small boats heading to a fishing spot, and lots of men ‘fishing’ off the beach for what turned out to be clams, cockles and other shellfish that they find in the surf there and sell to the local markets.

A peaceful couple of days to recover!


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