Vallvidrera to Molins de Rei on the GR92

This is around 10km of the GR92 and is mostly well way-marked.

We started from the FGC station Baixador de Vallvidrera (S1 or S2 from Placa Catalunya). Instead of heading up towards Tibidabo which is our usual route (to Can Cortes etc) we headed down and across the road to find the start of the way-marked section, which was round the back of a ‘Residencia’ called Sagrada Familia. Great views across the valley to Tibidabo:


We had a short walk on track before heading up on a trail. There were a few steep climbs but they were fairly short and had ‘breaks’ in between them. The route is mainly track or trail, with two short (5 minutes or so) parts on the  road.

In general the path is very well way-marked because of the GR-92 and it’s fancy new-style way-markers (like the one in the first photo). GR-92 is generally signed with ‘GR-92’ and the red-and-white flash. There was one area where – just after the track joins a paved road for a couple of hundred metres – the new style way-markers were not in evidence but we spotted some ‘old-style’ ones, ie the red-and-white flash painted onto a handy nearby rock or tree. The only spot where the path seemed to disappear was at the top of a short descent in a small clearing with an electricity pylon in it, however the path – slightly narrowed – did actually continue directly across the clearing (so ignore the other path that appears to cross it at right angles):



It took us about an hour and a half to arrive at Santa Creu d’ Olorda, our designated lunch spot, which turned out to be a decent, rustic-ish bar and restaurant next to an old church. Plenty of outdoor shady seating as well as picnic spots for anyone that way inclined:

After lunch it was a hour’s downhill stroll on track all the way into Molins de Rei. Beautiful views of Montserrat and a number of masia-style restaurants that we have bookmarked for future reference.

The Castillo de Castellciuró is just on the edge of Molins de Rei:

At Molins de Rei the track enters the town passing a school on the left. Continuing down the hill and bearing left slightly at the bottom of the street takes you past a swimming pool on the left and a sports centre on the right (poliesportiu) on the right before crossing a railway bridge, from where you can see the railway station. The R 4 (in the direction of Manresa) or the R1 (in the direction of Macanet/Massanes) will take you back to Placa Catalunya.


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