3rd May 2016 – Cheat’s easy Creamy Thai Green Curry

A couple of people asked for the recipe for this. I’m slightly embarrassed to recount how easy it is, but here goes:



  • 1 litre of coconut milk
  • Thai green curry paste – see below
  • White fish fillets – also see below
  • A couple of bags of stir fry veg. I use a ‘chinese stir fry’ one from Lidl that has water-chestnuts in, which I love, and then also their green-bean, asparagus and prawn mix.
  • Any fresh veg you happen to have lying around and need to use up.

For fish, I use go to Lidl as they are moving towards MSC/ASC certified sustainable fish – check the packaging though as it isn’t all certified yet:


As for the Thai green curry paste, well everyone loves a bit of:


Can be found in most asian supermarkets – Dong Fang/Extremo Orient on c/Pelai is a good bet, although even some of the supermarkets are branching out into ‘ethnic’ foods these days. I saw Tunnocks Teacakes in a Suma in Badalona.

Defrost fish. Place in suitable dish/tray:


Smear with curry paste:


Tip in half a container of coconut milk, enough to cover it.


Bugger off and do something useful for a bit.

Return, tip the whole mess into a large pan or wok. Chuck in all the other ingredients. Maybe add some more curry paste to taste (tip – squeeze it into a vessel then pour in hot water to melt/dissolve it so that it dissipates into your pot of goodness).

If you have some spare veg – chop up and throw in. If you have a vegetable sharpener (and if you don’t, you should, they are ace) then spiralised courgette and carrot works well.


Vegetable Sharpener

Stir over a gentle heat until the sauce and other ingredients are evenly distributed.

I usually serve with cellophane noodles (also available at Dong Fang, or any one of the many Chinese supermarkets in the Ali-Bei/Sicila environs). However I didn’t have any today, or time to go out and buy some, so I substituted these:


If you are all fancy, you might want to prepare these separately, but I am a one-pot kind of girl, so I just throw them in and let them cook in the sauce – add more water if you’re doing this, so it doesn’t get too dry and thick.


Stir them in, simmer for a bit, stirring occasionally, until the noodles are cooked.

Um. That’s it.

Bon Profit!



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